She Was Absolutely Gorgeous
Regielyn ~ So yea, imma typical brat "baby". I'mma very Wise baby girl, esp. when it comes to LOVE thingy :>

I love Myself more than anything in this Crap but Beautiful World. I'mma jolly girl, very very fun to be with, you'll never get bored when yer with Me. I swear to goodness dear :) But behind this Smile is everything you'll never get to understand..

My Life isn't that Happy & Perfect, for we all know that there's no guarantee that this Life would be easy. But through God's help, everything gone alright amidst the trouble.. & I thank Him for that!<3

And hey, I post random things esp. GILR THANG.. So yaah, I think that's alot more about Me Myself & My Life.=) Hey, Everything about me is Interesting :> ;)) So get Interested

~~ Im Yerr One & Only, & Forever YOUNG BABY

"Ang Akin, ay Akin. Ang Sayo, ay Akin pa rin. Ang hindi Akin, ay mapapasa-Akin."

Excuse me for I am a girl honeyyy. #factsaboutgirls (Taken with instagram)

Excuse me for I am a girl honeyyy. #factsaboutgirls (Taken with instagram)

Posted on April/29/2012

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